Consulting Via Social Media

Selling consulting services is very appropriate to Many social media sites since you are first selling based on how you appeal to someone’s identity. They will figure out whether you are attractive based on the image you project, and this makes selling consulting services much easier on Many social media sites than products and services. There are even applications like Ether that can make telephone consulting easy to track and bill.

Don’t limit your consulting services just to one area. You can build multiple streams of income by offering various consulting services. The only thing to remember is that your income will be limited by the number of hours in the day. If you are selling personal services, you will have a hard time increasing your income unless you increase your rate or find some way to offer those services electronically via pre-packaged tutorials and courses that don’t require your presence when they are being viewed. Or, you can hire other people to work for you, through sub-contracting, as long as you are honest with your buyers that you aren’t doing all of the consulting services. This can detract from your commerce model if you don’t train people to be the type of consultants you trust to carry your name and reputation.

On the other hand, if you can train people and have a good way to check the quality of your consultants, then you can build a very profitable commerce in a short amount of time using other people’s time to increase your bottom line. Then, your role becomes more of a marketer and less of a consultant.