How to decide between White Label and Private Label Teeth Whitening Products?

Starting a new business can be an arduous task, especially when you are in the competitive world of teeth whitening. Although the market is lucrative and rewarding for new business owners, there is widespread competition, and you have to work hard towards building a loyal base of customers. With large-scale production costs, a wide range of niche products and growing consumer preferences, it is essential to explore different ways of building a teeth whitening business.

Modern Solutions for a Successful Business in the Teeth Whitening Industry

Did you know you can provide a premium range of cosmetic dentistry products to your customers and clients without investing a large amount of money in setting up a manufacturing facility? Also, there is no need to become a reseller for big brands that often compel small businesses to purchase tons of inventory. Instead, you can become a brand of your own.

Modern business solutions ensure a low threshold for new businesses and startups. You can now outsource the production process to experienced manufacturers and focus on sales and marketing. Thus, eliminating the need for large scale investments. Here’s how you can do it.

1. Private Label Teeth Whitening Products

If you opt for private label products for your teeth whitening business, the manufacturer will produce products under your brand name. The benefit of choosing a private label is that you can customize every aspect of the product. From ingredients, product formulation, manufacturing process to branding and packaging, you can ask the manufacturer to follow your instructions. Depending on your contract, they will ship the products to your warehousing facilities or provide drop-shipping service.

2. White Label Teeth Whitening Products

When you choose white label teeth whitening products, you must provide your brand logo and other packaging details to the manufacturer. Because they are experts in manufacturing teeth whitening products, they manufacture the same products for different brands, and the only differentiating factor is the product packaging. When you do not possess the technical know-how of ingredients and product formulation, you can opt for white label teeth whitening products and establish your brand with the help of an experienced manufacturer.

What is the More Suitable Solution for your Business?

When choosing between private label and white label teeth whitening products, the decision depends on your preferences, budget, and business goals. Here are a few ways in which you can decide between the two choices:

1. What is your Business Goal?

Did you know Amazon has many private label businesses and white label sellers on the platform? If you want to introduce your products as quickly as possible, choose white label products. For example, the Clean White Wireless Teeth Whitening Light is a good option for white labelling. As the manufacturer does not have to change the manufacturing process, they can add your logo to the packaging and ship the order quickly. The process becomes even faster if you choose the teeth whitening light without any branding.

2. Do you want to sell a Niche Product?

When you are interested in creating a niche product, unlike other available options, choose a private label product. You may consider the private label a costly option, but you can make it affordable. Seek estimates and quotations from teeth whitening products manufacturers. Usually, when you place an order for large quantities, you can maintain economies of scale and still market a unique product to your customers.

You can also choose a combination of both options to optimize your investment. For example, if your clients include dentists, dental hygienists and DSOs who require in-office LED whitening lights, you can select the white label option. The LED whitening lights at the clinics do not have any custom specifications and all medical professionals use similar equipment.

On the other hand, if you sell your products to end-users, you can opt for a private label and customize your teeth whitening kit. You can even discuss your labelling requirements for teeth whitening pens and syringes. It will help you to customize the teeth whitening gel, container sizes and even branding options.

To summarize…

Choose Private Label Products when:

a) You have the expertise to manufacture the product and have a proven formula ready.

b) Your product is superior to the available options in the market.

c) You do not have a large-scale manufacturing facility for your products.

d) You are willing to spend additional money on customization.

Choose White Label Products when:

a) You want to take advantage of the booming teeth whitening market and introduce your brand quickly.

b) You do not have the expertise to create effective cosmetic dentistry products.

c) You have an efficient sales and marketing team but no manufacturing facility.

d) The available white label product options satisfy your requirements.

Make Smart Business Decisions

When starting any business, the prospects seem lucrative, especially if it is a booming one such as teeth whitening. However, make smarter business decisions to guarantee your success. Spend time understanding your expertise, budget and goals to make the right decision.

Whether you choose the private label option or prefer white label teeth whitening products, you need the support of an experienced manufacturer to start and sustain your business. Choosing the right teeth whitening products manufacturer will help you in understanding the market and ensure the growth of your brand.